Publish date20 Jan 2022 - 14:06
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Iran's Bagheri holds talks with Russian, Chinese counterparts in Vienna

Senior negotiators from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Russia and China held a trilateral meeting in Vienna.
Ali Bagheri, the chief negotiator of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who returned to Vienna on Monday after a two-day visit to Tehran, also met on Wednesday with representatives of the European Union and the three European member states of the JCPOA.
Also on Tuesday, the talks continued at the two levels of heads of delegations and experts, and various issues, especially the verification on the removal of the anti-Iran sanctions and guarantees that the US will have to give that it will not leave the JCPOA again. 
The majority of the negotiating delegations has confirmed that progress has been made in the eights round of the talks which began on December 27.
Meanwhile, an official close to the European negotiating team had previously said that the talks had reached a stage where the negotiators are discussing how to turn the issues agreed upon in principle into words and into documents.
According to the latest reports, the negotiations are still ongoing and there is still no prospect for the end of the eighth round for the time being.
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