Publish date27 Oct 2021 - 9:15
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Professor Bata Kifakh:

“Bigotry, biggest issue challanging Islamic ummah”

Mufti and Head of the Religious Administration of Volgograd in Russia called bigotry as the biggest issue challenging the world of Islam.
“Bigotry, biggest issue challanging Islamic ummah”
Professor Bata Kifakh, addressin the participants at the webinar in the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference warned of bias in ideas and lack of understanding other ideas among Muslims, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He underlined importance of preventing rift in the world of Islam “because the enemies of Islam will try to exploit and manipulate the Muslimsm.”
He warned of radical elements, extensive plots to separte Muslims and massive efforts to separate Muslims and reiterated importance of getting closer to each other.
Russian professor stressed that,” Bigotry is the biggest
problem that we Muslims are struggling with” and warned,”Bias in ideas and
opinions and lack of understanding other ideas can eventually
lead to gaps.”
He expressed regret over the current crisis and war in the world of Islam and said,” We must realize that there is a difference of taste and that disagreement does
not mean we should be enemies of each other.”
We also disagree with Christians and Jews, and that does not mean that
we are enemies. These people are people of the Book.
 We need to understand how to live, interact and understand how to interact
with other religions.. We must be able to find common ground with
other religions or even between ourselves. In these difficult times,
we need to understand each other.
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