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Ziyad al-Nakhalah:

Realization of Islamic Unity requires practical steps by Muslims

Realization of Islamic Unity requires practical steps by Muslims
The Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad said," realization of the Islamic Unity undoubtedly need taking of practical measures by the Islamic Ummah.

 According to Taghrib News Agency (TNA), Ziyad Nakhalah, speaking at the opening ceremony of the 35th Islamic Unity Conference on Tuesday Oct.19, while congratulating the auspicious occasion of the birthday anniversary of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH), and underlining the objective behind of holding this conference which is bringing about unity to world Muslim community said we should remind the late Ayatollah Taskhiri who made great contribution and played important role in and holding this conference .

He thanked Dr. Hamid Shahriari for holding the Unity Conference and said on behalf of Islamic Jihad and perseverance people of Palestine I send my greetings to the dear and Muslim people of Iran and the Supreme leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and pray for their continued success.

Referring to numerous challenges made by the west colonialism for Muslims including waging wars and blockades against the Muslim nations, Al-Nakhalah said another plot by the west is promoting recognition of the Zionist Regime by concluding normalization of relations agreement with this entity.

He added that all these machinations are aimed at Judaizing of the holy Quds and taking hold on Al Aqsa Mosque, a futile effort to clear the Holy Quds from its Palestinians population who are the lawful owners of the city.

The Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad of Palestine talked about three points in this respect and said Islamic Unity is a religious undertaking and obeying the command of the God Almighty adding that but Islamic Unity does not annul the right of difference of opinion and Ijtihad (Independent Reasoning) among Muslim Nations.

He went on saying that the great religion of Islam allows its opponents to live among Muslims and keep their own beliefs and religions and we reject and condemn all takfiri thinking that propagate killings of adherents of other religions as a lawful act.

The second point is that we are certain that disagreements and conflicts among Muslims is the work of western security and intelligent establishments and governments affiliated with the west also have their own share in such projects.

The third point, according to top Palestinian official, Islamic unity will be achieved only through taking practical measure by the Islamic Ummah.

He described the Palestinian question as the main concern of the Islamic Ummah adding that liberation of Platine is not only the responsibility of the Palestinian people who have sacrificed their youth in defense of this land for nearly past 100 years and their struggle has not been put off even for a single moment.

Ziyad al- Nakhalah thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for it continued help rendered to Palestinian people in all areas since the victory of the Islamic Revolution and wished success for the conferee in promoting Islamic unity among Muslim nations.

Over 500 Muslim scholars, intellectuals and religious figures are attending the 35th edition of Islamic Unity Conference which is held virtually due to COVID-19 circumstances. World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought has decided to hold the 35th event on the theme of "Islamic Unity, Peace and Avoidance of Division and Conflict in the World of Islam."
World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought has scheduled the 35th edition of the Islamic Unity Conference for October 19-24 ending with the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) also known as the Islamic Unity Week.
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