Publish date12 Oct 2021 - 12:44
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Afghan Shia minority concerned over security, rights under Taliban

Shia clerics' council in Afghanistan has urged Taliban to investigate the Friday terrorist attack against Kunduz Shia mosque as part of efforts to fulfill early promises for maintaining equality among all Muslims.
Afghan Shia minority concerned over security, rights under Taliban
Mohammad Akbari, deputy for Shia clerics' council in an interview with Press tv said, " Taliban can't establish an inclusive Islamic government rule in Afghanistan without giving equal role to all of us (Muslims)" referring to the fact that Shia makes 20 per cent of the population in Afghanistan.
"We also condemn the catastrophic attack in Kunduz and urge Taliban to bring its perpetrators to justice" said the Afghan cleric calling that as part of efforts to bring unity among all Muslims in the country.
Senior Afghan scholar expressed the concerns shared by all members of the Shia community in Afghanistan over the social justice and rights of the minority group under Taliban rule.
Less than two months after Taliban takeover nearly 300 Shia worshippers have been killed or wounded in Friday terrorist attack on Kunduz Shia mosque.
This is while several Shia citizens in Dikindi have been reportedly displaced since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan following the US withdrawal from the county.
Early after Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Shia community held a press conference to urge the new authorities to treat all ethnicities and groups with equality and justice.
After taking power, Taliban promised formation of an inclusive government and providing safe ground for all Afghans reaching the Shia community in pursuit of their allegiance and support.
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