Publish date4 Sep 2021 - 16:36
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President Biden orders declassification of 9/11 secret documents

US President Joe Biden has ordered declassification of secret documents regarding the role of Saudi Arabia in 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed thousands of Americans.
President Biden orders declassification of 9/11 secret documents
The decision has been made in response to pressure by families of the 9/11 victims to release the documents on 9/11 attacks leaving 3,000 killed and nearly $10 billion damage to property and infrastructure in the country.
The decision for declassification comes on the 20th anniversary of the Qaeda attacks and a month after 9/11 survivors and family members wrote a letter to the President accusing him of deliberately keeping the documents on the role of Saudi government officials assisting the attackers.
US President signed the executive order directing the Department of Justice and other relevant agencies to oversee a declassification review of documents related to the FBI investigation on 9/11 attacks.
About 1,700 people directly affected by September 11 attacks called on Biden to skip the anniversary memorials unless he released the documents.
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