Publish date6 Aug 2021 - 3:40
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Hamas denounces Israel over “barbaric” bombing of Lebanon

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has rebuked Israeli regime over “barbaric” bombing of southern Lebanon stressing that such “terrorist behavior” illustrates Tel Aviv’s ”arrogance” policy against the Arab country.
Hamas denounces Israel over “barbaric” bombing of Lebanon
In the early hours of Thursday, Israel bombed an area in southern Lebanon after launching an artillery attack, claiming that the aggression came in response to an alleged rocket attack launched from the area toward the occupied territories.   

“The barbaric Zionist bombing of brotherly Lebanon, a blatant aggression and terrorist behavior, reflects the Zionist policy of arrogance against” the Arab country and its people," said Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem in a statement carried by Shehab news agency.
#عاجل | حمـــاس: القصف الصهيوني الهمجي على لبنان عدوان سافر وسلوك إرهابي يعكس سياسة العربدة الصهيونية ضد كل مكونات الأمة وشعوبها
— وكالة شهاب | عاجل (@ShehabBreaking) August 5, 2021
He said “the Zionist terrorism”, which extends throughout the region, would fail to stop the Arab nation’s resistance to the “Zionist colonial project” that aims to usurp further land in the region and seize the nation’s capabilities.

The Israeli aggression, Qassem said, must unify all efforts and pool energies to confront Israel, curb its aggression, and end its terrorist behavior.

Lebanon and Israel are technically at war since the latter has been occupying Shebaa Farms since 1967.

Israel incessantly violates Lebanon’s airspace for aggressive surveillance operations, having launched two full-scale wars against the country in the 2000s.

The wars sought to debilitate Hezbollah but on both occasions, the Israeli military was forced to beat a retreat following the Lebanese resistance movement's successful defensive operations.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun also denounced Israel’s overnight airstrikes, the first since 2006, saying that the aggression showed an escalation in the occupying regime's “aggressive intent” toward his country.

The bombing, he said, is a direct threat to the security and stability of southern Lebanon that violates UN Security Council resolutions.
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