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South Africa webinar on Hajj, Ghadir, Islamic Unity:

“Leadership, missing factor in Hajj”, cleric

A number of Muslim scholars from across the globe attended the webinar on “Importance of hajj and Recognition of the Ghadir Event in the Realization of Islamic Unity” held by Iran’s cultural attaché in South Africa on Thursday.
“Leadership, missing factor in Hajj”, cleric
Participants to this webinar highlighted the importance of Ghadir event and role of the historical landmark in uniting Muslims, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Ahmad Ali Mohsenzadeh, Iran’s cultural attaché of the embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran called Hajj as a branch of Islam which unites Muslims in worshiping the Almighty God.

He referred to the importance of Ghadir in history of Islam and that Muslims should voice their disavowal of the infidels so that their hajj is equal to the hajj by Abraham and Prophet Mohammad.

”One of the important issues that has been stressed in the messages of Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khamenei is the solidarity of Muslim ummah” he noted and added, ”In the words of imam Khomeini it is a mission of all hajj pilgrims to refute any statement that brings rift among Muslims.”
Maulana Aftab Heidar, head of the Ahlul Bayt Center in South Africa expressed regret that for the second year the majority of Muslims were not able to participate in Hajj and stressed that with multiplicities of color skins, grounds, languages cultures with denominations, Muslims are all together one in believing in oneness of Allah.
He said, ”This is spirit of hajj this is the spirit which unites us in this worship in this commitment in this submission to almighty Allah.”
He warned of division among Muslims and highlighted the capacities of annual Hajj to bring Muslims in one nation.

According to the cleric the missing thing in hajj is the leadership saying, ” The final hajj of our prophet was not completed without discussing imamate because God Almighty, in the final hajj, addressed our prophet calling on him to reveal what has been sent to him from the heaven.”

He detailed the Ghadir event and stressed that the event has been recorded in
several historical and hadith references

The cleric continued that, ”Message of hajj philosophy of hajj objective of hajj cannot be achieved without system of a leadership  of justice and leadership of divinely appointed imams and this is not a point of division among Sunni and Shia or anybody but this leadership of Imam Ali brings us all together in one ummah.”
He concluded that imamate of Ahlul bayt is a continuation of the leadership of our prophet (PBUH) and that despite all disputes and differences regarding the issue of governance after the demise of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) there are great historians and hadith experts who have recorded Ghadir event.”
Mohsen Ma’arefi, head of the social science research institute in Al-Mustafa International University referred to the details of Ghadir event and noted Hajj and Ghadir as two inseparable incidents.
He said,” Main concern in hajj and Ghdir was unity of Islamic nation” pointing out three topics: Tawhid (monotheism) and sincerity in deeds towards Allah, peace and friendship of Muslims and finally solidarity in the world of Islam.
“It seems that our noble prophet saw the future of Muslims and knew that some Muslims would shed each other’s blood” he said and added, ”Whenever Muslims have disputes among them they should refer to the holy Qur’an and Ahlul Bayt.”

He noted that Prophet of Islam emphasized peace and friendship among Muslims and taught us that solidarity come from sustainable friendship following Qur’an, Ahlul Bayt (AS), coexistence, tolerance and respecting other people and this is what Muslims should know more than any other time.
Imam Seyed Sayeed Mohammed, president of International Islamic Mission referred to Imam Ali (AS) as a character he was so proud of and commemorating Ghadir event is importance since Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) introduced Imam Ali, as the patron and his maula and the concluder
of the initiation of the message from all prophets (PBUT).

He said Islamic nation is totally divided and Imam Ali (AS) is the character who can unite it. 

He expressed hope that the Islamic nation unites on the basis of the teachings by holy prophet and that despite all differences Muslims can claim our positions in the world.

Abdul Hassan KhalajMonfared, director of the Studies Center of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization said, ”Without doubt one of the most important missions of prophets was liberation of man from slavery and serving anybody other than God Almighty.”

He referred to the two messages common among all religions: worship of human beings is only for God and master-slave relationship, arrogance and colonialism is forbidden.”

“Hajj is one of the most important pillars of Islam that promotes being freedom” he said explaining,” That is freedom from al material belongings and sensual desires.”
He called Eid al-Adha as the day for human beings to celebrate freedom from inner and outer devil the same thing happens in Ghdir Eid.
Maulana Salim Ibrahim, Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and Religion Studies hailed Hajj as a perfect way to think about unity.
He said,” Ghadir was an exceptional thing by prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to clarify the position of Imam Ali as “my maula” and that eradicates many doubts since prophet mohammad explicitly talked about it.”

He pointed out that by “Maula” the prophet meant the protector and patron of Ahul Bayt and the pure teachings of Islam.

According to Maulana Salim Ibrahim Qur’an speaks about Ghadir taking place at the birthplace of Islam and a major time which was hajj time.

“This is the place of unity where all Muslims have gathered together” he said and noted, ”We have commitment for global unity of all Muslims through respect and love for each other.
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