Publish date9 Jun 2021 - 18:26
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Bahraini political prisoner dies of COVID-19

Young Bahraini political prisoner has lost his life in jail due to the new coronavirus neglected by the al Kalifa regime authorities to the critical condition in prisons.
Bahraini political prisoner dies of COVID-19
Family of Bahraini political prisoner Hussein Barakat and a number of activists have released the news on his death in Jou Prison due to the new coronavirus, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
At least 220 inmates in Bahraini prisons have suffered the new coronavirus though Barakat was in coma due to severe infection and lack of oxygen.
This is while the prison authorities did not admit temporary leave for the young prisoner denying any information on his state to his family.
The National Islamic Society, al-Wefaq, has warned of the similar destiny awaiting other political inmates in Bahraini prisons.
Another political prisoner Abbas Malallah has recently lost his life due to medical negligence in the same notorious Jou Prison.
Bahrain has been under red alert over the new coronavirus since months as increasing number of fatalities, spread of the pandemic in jails and lack of cooperation with the inmates has concerned the people, rights activists and international organizations over the condition of prisoners in al Kalifa jails.
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