Publish date18 Nov 2020 - 17:44
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Vatican’s pontifical academy hails Iranian cultural attaché over interfaith activities

Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Mary in Lebanon has sent an appreciation letter for Iranian cultural attaché in Beirut over constructive cooperation in cultural and interfaith activities.
Vatican’s pontifical academy hails Iranian cultural attaché over interfaith activities
Abbas Khameyar, Iran’s cultural attaché in the capital Beirut and Abbad Mortada, Minister of Culture were awarded with certificate of appreciation in a ceremony held by Lebanon’s center for interfaith dialogue over their remarkable success in cultural and inter-religious activities, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
In this ceremony attended by a number of Christian and Muslim scholars in Beqqa, Wisam Abu Nasser, director of Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Mary in his speech hailed the unifying role of Iran’s cultural attaché.
“What appeals to us in the relations between the nations and countries is exchange of ambassadors and diplomatic missions in order to build close political and economic ties but Islamic Republic of Iran has launched an institute, cultural attaché, in its embassies with the idea that cultural exchange among nations is not less important than other relations” read part of the message.
The Pontifical Academy of Mary in this letter expressed appreciation for the strategy to convene all religions to prevents dispersion and promote concepts in line with deepening mutual understanding of nations and boost their ties.
Iran’s cultural attaché said,” This is the very inter-faith ambiance we are committed to in contrast to all political disagreements” after receiving the diploma of appreciation.
He lauded the late Iranian scholar, Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri, veteran interfaith activist for his active role in promoting dialogue among religions since victory of Islamic revolution.
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