Publish date29 Sep 2020 - 14:20
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Oppression of Rohingya Muslim minority older than Myanmar

Robert Anderson, expert on Myanmar affairs noted that the oppression of Muslim minority in Myanmar dates back to a pre-independence Burma.
Oppression of Rohingya Muslim minority older than Myanmar
Expert on Burma studies referred to the simple analysis of the people on the situation of the Rohingya Muslims and the shock when they find out the innate complexity of the minority group, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
A reason why the minority Muslims in Burma are subject to torture and displacement by the Army in the southeastern Asian country is that Muslims are not counted among the "national race" and are excluded from the official statistics of conducted from 135 ethnical groups in the country.
According to Anderson, majority of Buddhists in Burma are concerned over the population and demographic influence of the Muslims though the minority group of Muslims has a history of over five centuries in the country.
He proposed that the United Nations should deploy a professional and educated peace unit to Burma.
He also referred to two Myanmar soldiers' confession regarding 2017 targeted attacks of the army against minority Muslims and that their confessions could provide enough documents on systematic and violent displacement of Myanmar Muslims from their lands as the basis for organized cleansing of border regions from anti-government terrorists.
Calamities of Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar have brought several rights groups in the southeastern Asian country into focus of the international watchdogs.
The painful situation of the Rohingya Muslims has made one of the most concerning moral and legal challenges of the contemporary time which cannot be resolved until it is fully understood by all sides.
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