Publish date17 Sep 2020 - 17:42
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People in Tehran condemn UAE, Bahrain over normalization of ties with Israel

Hundreds of protesters in the capital Tehran held demonstration on Thursday to voice their support for the Palestinian people and condemn the recently-inked agreement for normalization of ties between the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Israeli regime.
People in Tehran condemn UAE, Bahrain over normalization of ties with Israel
Protesters in Tehran called for liberation of Palestine, condemned Israeli crimes against the Palestinian nation and voiced anger at the US-brokered normalization agreement between Bahrain, UAE and Israeli regime, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Shortly before the US presidential election and pushed by Donald Trump administration, the United Arab Emirate and Bahrain have signed an agreement for normalization of political and economic ties with Israeli regime.
The move for establishment of diplomatic ties with Israel has drawn condemnation of Palestinians, Islamic states as people in different Islamic capitals, including Tehran, have taken to the streets to voice anger at the deal.
People in Tehran held placards with mottos in condemnation of the Israeli regime and the US.
Demonstrators, including university students, also signed a petition to reject establishment of any ties with Israel and highlighted the issue of Palestine as number one issue in the world of Islam.
The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have formally signed the normalization deal with Israel at the White House on Tuesday amid the global rejection of the agreement which is called a betrayal of the Palestinian cause.
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