Publish date3 Jul 2020 - 15:34
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Removal of US sanctions necessary to confront COVID-19 outbreak

Iran's UN Ambassador said the lifting of the unilateral US sanctions against various governments is necessary to stop the global spread of COVID-19.
Removal of US sanctions necessary to confront COVID-19 outbreak
Majid Takht-Ravanchi emphasized the need for lifting unilateral US sanctions which weakens the capacity of target countries to deal with the pandemic.
Speaking in a meeting of the United Nations Security Council held on Thu. to review the effects of coronavirus global pandemic, Takht-Ravanchi stressed, “the pandemic disease with high mortality rates has left negative effects on the socioeconomic of countries involved in conflicts. Under such a critical situation, adding another problem to these countries makes the situation more complicated.”
He pointed to some problems which have brought about in the region especially in Syria and Yemen as a result of the spread of coronavirus pandemic and added, “this critical situation has been exacerbated by the unilateral and illegal US sanctions imposed against Syrian people and also continued siege of Yemeni ports and airports.”
As a country severely affected by COVID-19 and also targeted by the illegal US sanctions, Islamic Republic of Iran is well aware of this issue that how and to what extent these sanctions weaken the capacity of target countries to deal with COVID-19, he said, adding, “imposition of unilateral US sanctions on target countries has prevented them from importing medical supplies and medicines.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, Takht-Ravanchi said that the novel coronavirus is a common enemy of humanity, and establishing practical solidarity and global cooperation is the only way to deal with the pandemic and consequently, the imposition of any sanctions will cost dearly for all people in the worldwide.”
This is why the UN secretary-general, many international figures and religious-political leaders in the world have called for the immediate lifting of sanctions, he said, according to Tehran Times.
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