Publish date23 May 2020 - 2:12
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Int’l Quds Day webinar:

“Israel biggest threat for peace, global security”, FM Zarif

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized the US-proposed so called deal of century stressing necessity of Muslim unity to overcome the disgrace caused by the US and Israeli regime.
“Israel biggest threat for peace, global security”, FM Zarif
Attending the biggest webinar held on the International Quds Day, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif related on the plight of Palestinians caused by Israeli regime stressing that the might of so-called world powers can  be overcome, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said by the International Quds Day demonstration on the last Friday of Ramadan, people show international solidarity with oppressed Palestinian people and the resolve of entire international
community particularly Muslim people around the world to resist warmongering and propaganda fear mongering and extortion by the Israeli regime.
He stressed that Muslim countries and nations have not understood necessity of being united in order to overcome this disgrace.
“This year the Nakba Day was close to Quds Day” said FM Zarif and added,” The disgrace is that we have not been able to support the Palestinians and to support the cause over the past 70 years.”
He referred to the new coronavirus pandemic reminding people that the only power is the Almighty.
According to the Iranian top diplomat the resistance of Palestinians has continued for 70 years and has shown the violation of
international laws cannot end aspirations of an entire nation.

 He noted,” We have seen once again in the so-called Deal of Century that those who believed that the US could be a broker for peace were badly mistaken.”
Iranian Foreign Minister censured the US administration as an accomplice of all crimes committed by Zionist regime.

The resistance of the people, their rejection of arrogance and apartheid will bring this atrocity to an end this is the course of history.

He called Israel as the single most serious threat to respectful human rights, peace and security, NPT and that through propaganda and extortion this reality does not change.
Top diplomat expressed regret that this year the International Quds Day is celebrated
without thea major supporter of Palestine cause, martyred IRGC commander, Lieutenant General Soleimani, and said,” He was murdered in the dark of night using machinery of terror not in battle field and a brave fight” and added,” This is the end of bigness. This is extreme weakness of the US as with all its might it should murder General Soleimani and his companions them at the dark of night through machinery of terror.
Iranian Foreign Minister made the remarks in a webinar held to commemorate the International Quds Day 2020 as the new coronavirus pandemic has imposed restrictions on public gatherings.
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