Publish date8 Dec 2019 - 15:25
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“Muslim should unite for liberation of al-Quds”, Hamas

Hamas representative in Tehran called on world Muslims to join each other in the path towards liberation of al-Quds and confrontation with Zionist regime of Israel.
“Muslim should unite for liberation of al-Quds”, Hamas
Khaled Qaddoumi, representative of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) called al-Quds as symbol of unity urging the issue to be discussed in the international conferences.
He said,” To discuss the issue of al-Quds in conferences like Iran’s Islamic Unity Conference as an axis to unite Arabic and Islamic states will bring certain successes.”
He referred to some minor disagreements among members of the Islamic nation which has barred their absolute solidarity and said,” To discuss the issue of Palestine in these conferences can convene all Islamic states around the same axis.”
Khaled Qaddoumi hailed participation of elites from across the world of Islam in these conferences as the intellectuals can exchange their views closely in a bid to arrive new ways for boosting solidarity among Muslims.
Hamas representative in Tehran rapped the Zionists over pursuit of instability in the Middle East region and reiterated,” We avoid division or dispersion of Islamic denominations as our high objective is to liberate holy al-Quds and Muslims should unity in order to confront Tel Aviv regime.”
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