Publish date20 Jul 2019 - 14:51
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“Unity among Islamic states, beneficial for Muslim world”, cleric

Iranian top Hajj official noted solidarity among Islamic countries will benefit the entire world of Islam expressing satisfaction amid promotion of Hajj 2019 so far.
“Unity among Islamic states, beneficial for Muslim world”, cleric
Seyyed Abdul Fattah Navvab, representative of the Supreme Leader in Hajj affairs referred to the second week of Iranian pilgrims departing for Saudi Arabia on the eve of Hajj 2019 ceremonies stressing that solidarity of Islamic states benefits Muslim world, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He hailed the Iranian Shia and Sunni pilgrims as an example of solidarity for Muslim countries as they manifest Islamic solidarity during Hajj pilgrimage.
The cleric related on necessity of unity among Muslims and stressed,” Cooperation, solidarity and convergence among Islamic countries is beneficial for the entire Muslim world.”
He added,” This solidarity is echoed in the motto for Hajj 2019, self development, religious fraternity and Islamic civilization.”
Representative of the Supreme Leader in Hajj affairs made the comments in a meeting held amid departure of the Iranian Hajj pilgrims and expressed hope that the pilgrims make the best of spiritual opportunity.
More than 430’000 pilgrims from across the globe will attend Hajj 2019 performing one of the biggest religious congregations in the world.
Hajj 2019 will begin on Friday August 9th and will continue to 14th, the tentative date as the actual date is contingent on the sighting of the moon of Dhul Hajjah.
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