Publish date17 Jun 2019 - 11:31
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Iranian Sunni MP:

British-style Shia, American-style Sunni block way for Islamic unity

Both British-style Shia and American-style Sunni are expanded in Iran with the aim of dividing the Islamic denominations.
British-style Shia, American-style Sunni block way for Islamic unity
Shahab Naderi, secretary of the Sunni fraction in Iran’s Parliament in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) referred to the social equality of the Shia and Sunni people in the country and slammed the British-Style Shia and American-style Sunni for fueling the differences between the Islamic denominations.
He praised the fraternal ties between the Shia and Sunni communities in his governorate district and lauded the Islamic Republic for prevailing social, political and cultural equality between the Muslim communities in the country.
Representative of Paveh County in the Parliament assimilated Kermanshah Province to India in regards to diversity of denominations living in coexistence in the region.
Iranian Sunni MP referred to the Supreme Leader remarks calling he who desecrates sanctities of other denominations as a puppet of enemies and said,” Based on this guideline we have had no problem with our Shia brothers.”
MP Shahab Naderi compared the privileges of the Sunni community in pre and post-revolution era praising the Islamic Republic system for granting the Sunni Iranians equal social and political advantages to those of the Shia.
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