Publish date14 May 2019 - 10:40
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Londoners hold Palestine solidarity rally on eve of Nakba

Londoners hold Palestine solidarity rally on eve of Nakba
Thousands of people in London have held massive rally on Friday to denounce Zionist crimes against Palestinian people.

Thousands of people from different nationalities and religions, humanitarian organizations and pro-Palestine demonstrators have held massive rally in London voicing anger at the Zionist regime of Israel demanding freedom of Palestinian lands.

Supporters of Palestinian people in London took into London streets on the eve of the 71st anniversary of Nakba Day, exodus of Palestinians from their ancestral lands and establishment of the illegal Israeli regime.

Protesters carried Palestine flag and placards with mottoes in support of the Palestinian nation as they started their rally in front of BBC headquarter voicing anger at censorship of the news on Zionist regime massacre of the Palestinian people.

This is while a number of Jewish rabbis were among protesters shouting mottos in support of freedom of Palestinian lands calling the Zionist regime as illegal.

Palestinian teenage activist, Ahed Tamimi who was jailed for slapping an Israeli soldier was among the demonstrators.

Anti-racist activists, Islamic Human Rights Commission, human rights activists from different nationalities, anti-Zionist activists and liberals attend the annual pro-Palestine demonstration annually held in London which is the greatest rally in support of the Palestinian people.

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