Publish date12 May 2019 - 14:53
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Iraqi Sunni clerics condemn US threats against Iran

Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq condemned the US threats against Islamic Republic of Iran vowing their support for the Iranian nation amid Washington’s sanctions as illegal.
Iraqi Sunni clerics condemn US threats against Iran
Sheikh Khalid al-Mala’, head of the Association of Muslim Scholars, met with Iran’s cultural attaché in Baghdad slamming the sanctions and economic pressures by the United States against the Iranian nation, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He announced opposition of the Iraqi association with policy of economic pressure and depriving the nations from the right for normal life in order to pressure their governments to change their policy.
The cleric stressed,” Association of Iraqi Muslim Scholars is once against voicing its opposition with sanctions and imposing economic pressure against Iran” and vowed the support of Iraqi association with their “Iranian brothers.”
Sheikh Khalid al Mala’ also hailed Iran as forerunner of Islamic proximity and boosting relations between Shia and Sunni.
He hailed several instances of compassion and cooperation between Shia and Sunni communities in flood-hit areas in Iran.
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