Publish date6 May 2019 - 15:55
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Hamburg Muslims to host citizens for Iftar meals

Hamburg citizens are going to be hosted by fasting Muslims for Iftar meals and discover Islam as well as Ramadan cultures.
Hamburg Muslims to host citizens for Iftar meals
A group of Muslims youths in the European capital of Hamburg, Germany, have launched “Welcome for Dinner” campaign to invite German citizens to join their Iftar meals as part of efforts to bridge the gap between religious groups in the city, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
The campaign had served over 2’000 participants in its first year maintaining friendly relations with them after the event.
26-year-old Afghan member, Saeed, like other Muslim citizens are eager to invite German citizens for Iftar meals in order to provide the chance for all to closely see Islamic traditions for Ramadan.
A considerable number of German nationals are not familiar with Islamic fasting traditions as the young campaign has initiated the group demanding non-Muslims to send their address in order to find a Muslim host in their neighborhood.
Ramadan is the ninth month in Islamic lunar calendar when Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from dusk to dawn. It is also a month for prayers and reading the holy Qur’an.
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