Publish date24 Apr 2019 - 15:52
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Iran’s Ayatollah Taskhiri on Sri Lanka attacks:

“Terrorism has no religion”

Senior Shia cleric has expressed condolences over the multiple terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka warning of heinous nature and intention of terrorist groups to expand religious division.
“Terrorism has no religion”
Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri, chairman of the supreme council at the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought in an interview with Taqrib News (TNA) slammed the multiple terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka and said the attacks were in line with spreading sectarian rift.
Top Shia cleric said,” Terrorist groups are part of a global network serving the benefits of world arrogant and Zionist powers; hence, masterminded in line with spreading crimes, distortion of religions and creating sectarian rifts.”
Ayatollah Taskhiri stressed,” Recent attacks in Sri Lanka reiterate terrorism has no religion.”
The attacks took place at three churches and three hotels on Easter morning in three separate cities across the island.
Two more explosions happened in the afternoon in and around Colombo, one at a small guesthouse and the other at what was the suspects’ apparent safe house. Three officers searching for the attackers were killed in that blast and 45 of the victims were children attending Easter prayer.
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