Publish date16 Apr 2019 - 13:24
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US blacklisting of Iran’s IRGC and deal of the century

US designation of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has been in line with its hostile policies towards Tehran and a leverage to impose pressure on its military, security and political organizations to push its allies for severing their ties with Iran.
US blacklisting of Iran’s IRGC and deal of the century
Talal Idrisi, Lebanese expert on Middle East issues, related on the US blacklisting of the IRGC as terrorist organization and intensification of the sanctions against Iran due to the domestic and international key role played by the Iranian military elite, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” On the other hand this decision is in line with US hostile policies against Iran to confuse and push Iran allies to severe their relations with the country.”
In response to a question if the US decision will bring changes to its relations with Tehran he said,” Accusing the military organization of a country with terrorist measures has not happened before though it is likely to be followed by clashes with unknown repercussions in the region.”
Director of political study center at University of Lebanon called the US blacklisting of IRGC more of propaganda to push Iran for changing its foreign policies in the region since Washington is quite aware of the key role IRGC plays against the US army and also the support is receives from Iraqi resistance movements.
He related on the relation between the US decision and deal of the century because deal of the century aims to put an end to the issue of Palestine and establishing Palestinian state out of the occupied lands.
He said,” US decided to announce Iran’s IRGC as terrorist organization as Iran does not recognize the Zionist regime, stands against the deal of the century and is the main supporter of the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon.”
He concluded that the US measure intended to severe IRGC ties with the regional resistance movement and assure the Arab governments supporting the deal of the century that Iran will not be a threat for the US plan.
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