Publish date15 Apr 2019 - 13:40
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European youth initiative fights anti-Muslim bias

Groups of Turkish youths in ten European countries launched campaign for the 6th consequent year to hand out roses and flyers to passers-by as part of campaign standing against growing anti-Islam ambiance in the west.
European youth initiative fights anti-Muslim bias
“Hello, I’m a Muslim” or “Bonjour, Je suis Musulman” is the name of the campaign launched by groups of Muslims in ten European capitals giving roses in a show of promoting peace, friendship and coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Muslims have launched over 50 tents across six cities in Belgium and France to inform the people on Islam as part of efforts to change preconceptions against Muslims.
The campaign was first launched six years ago in Germany expanding to the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy and Switzerland.
Muslims youths in Canada and Australia have also joined the move for the first time with 210 flowers given to the people across all countries in the campaign.
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