Publish date14 Apr 2019 - 15:18
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Sudan says al-Bashir under house arrest in Khartoum

Deposed President Omar al-Bashir is under house arrest in Khartoum, the commander of Sudan's Rapid Support Forces (RSP) has confirmed.
Sudan says al-Bashir under house arrest in Khartoum

"Al-Bashir has not left the country," Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Daqlo said in televised statements.
On Thursday, the Sudanese military ousted al-Bashir, who ruled Sudan since 1989, following months of popular protests against his rule.
The military also established a military council to run the country for a transitional period of two years.
Daqlo said al-Bashir's crackdown on peaceful protests "has prompted the armed forces to take over the situation and depose him".
Asked about al-Bashir's trial before the International Criminal Court (ICC), Daqlo said "the decision was up to the Sudanese people".
"Sudan is about to form a new elected government, which will decide the shape of the next stage and will try every criminal who has committed any crime against the Sudanese people, including al-Bashir himself," he said.
The ICC has issued two arrest warrants for al-Bashir on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity in connection with the conflict in the western province of Darfur.
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