Publish date10 Feb 2019 - 23:51
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Rouhani stresses failure of US schemes against Iran

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani reminded the US of its “wrong calculations” about the Iranian nation, saying all American plots against the Islamic Republic have ended in failure.

“America has always failed in plots such as disintegration, coup, war and sanctions against the Islamic Republic,” Rouhani said in a meeting with ambassadors and heads of missions of foreign countries to Tehran.

“The United States’ calculations about the Iranian nation, both before and after the revolution, have been wrong,” he said.

“The United States was seeking to put pressure on and kill hope in the people of Iran, but our people are more united than ever,” his official website quoted him as saying.
He also described the 1979 revolution in Iran as the victory of the right over the wrong and democracy over dictatorship, and congratulated the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution to all Iranians, people of the region and the entire world.

“The Islamic Revolution was actually popular and the symbol of independence in the bipolar world,” Rouhani underlined.
“The people of Iran won victory against a regime armed to teeth through unity and devotion,” he stated, adding, “The Islamic Revolution was a hope for the oppressed and an earthquake for the US and Zionists.”
“The Iranian nation showed to the world that it is following the right path… The Iranian nation stood and succeeded against war, terrorism and sanctions by relying on internal power,” he said.
“We have made great progress in science, health and new technologies. The Iranian nation proved its commitment and supporting the people of the region,” Rouhani stated.

“Saddam invaded our country for eight years, but we were a sanctuary for the Iraqi and Kuwaiti people during the next wars in the region.

“We came to the aid of the nations of the region without expecting anything from them. In the coalition against Saddam, the United States was thinking financially about Kuwait and Saudi Arabia before anything.”

“We are the backbone of Islamic culture, a rich civilization, and the best friend of our region… If it were not for the support from the Iranian nation, situation in Baghdad and Damascus would be different,” Rouhani added.

“We rushed to help any country that needed our help. In these years, we have proved that we are very accurate in signing a deal, but we live up to what we have signed,” he stressed.
“The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a symbol of Iran's commitment to international agreements,” the president said, adding, “We have lived up to our commitments more accurately and better than the other parties to it.”

“The United States made problems for itself, Iran, the region and the world by withdrawing from the JCPOA,” he deplored.

“Those who created al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) sought to create a false Islamic revolution, but they realized their great mistake,” the president concluded.

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