Publish date9 Feb 2019 - 21:04
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Sheikh Salman life sentence, call of war for Bahraini nation

Bahraini opposition figure slammed Manama behavior with its nation saying that life sentence for prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Ali Salman is a call of war against Bahraini people.
Sheikh Salman life sentence, call of war for Bahraini nation
Rashid al-Rashid, prominent Bahraini opposition figure, on the eve of the eighth anniversary of Bahrain revolution against al-Kalifa regime slammed the unjust sentences issued for the people and leaders in the Arab country including the life sentence for Sheikh Ali Salaman, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said," The life sentence issued for Al-Kalifa is not weird since the regime has a record of such unfair and oppressive verdicts."
He called the al-Kalifa "dictator" regime over issuing unjust sentences for thousands of dissent figures during the past 5 years having no priority but safeguarding its throne.
According to the Bahraini cleric if it was not for US and UK support, al-Kalifa could not continue its crimes and illegal measures.
He denounced the life sentence issued for prominent Shia figure Sheikh Ali Salman and said," Al-Kalifa is ready for any action in line with protecting its power and this verdict is an alarm for all political elites, clerics and activists to silence on their demands regarding national rights and political freedom or they will face such verdicts from al-Kalifa."
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