Publish date8 Dec 2018 - 21:58
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Haniyeh: US’ failure at the UN is a milestone for Palestinians

America’s failure to get the necessary number of votes to pass its anti-Hamas draft resolution at the UN yesterday “is a milestone for the Palestinian people”, the movement’s head said in a statement today.
Haniyeh: US’ failure at the UN is a milestone for Palestinians
“It was a precedent for the United States to propose a draft resolution condemning the Palestinian resistance, but the world’s conscience foiled the US efforts against Hamas along with all the Palestinian resistance factions,” Haniyeh wrote.
“I would like to laud all the countries that opposed the Israeli occupation and its aggressive policies. Moreover, they rejected the occupation’s false narrative and challenged the threats of the Trump administration.”
He added that these “brotherly countries … upheld the moral values and voted against the US-proposed draft resolution.”
“Finally, this political support for the Palestinians and their resistance highlights the legitimacy of the Palestinian freedom struggle and the failure of the Israeli occupation to persuade the world countries of its aggressive policies,” he concluded.
A US attempt to get the United Nations to condemn violence by Palestinian militant group Hamas for the first time failed yesterday because the draft resolution fell short of votes needed in the General Assembly.
The draft bill received 87 votes in favour, 58 against, 32 abstentions while 16 countries did not vote.
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