Publish date5 Dec 2018 - 10:06
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Iran to mobilise opposition against US anti-Hamas resolution

Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif has said that his country is to oppose and mobilise opposition against a US draft resolution condemning Hamas and other Palestinian resistance factions.
Iran to mobilise opposition against US anti-Hamas resolution
During a phone call between Zarif and the Chief of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh, Zarif said that Iran “will do its best to unite other Islamic and progressive states at the General Assembly to prevent the ratification of the US-draft resolution, which stands in contradiction with the UN Charter.”
On its website, Hamas said that Haniyeh had made several calls to Arab and Islamic leaders asking them to do their best to undermine the proposed US resolution.
The UN General Assembly is expected to vote on a US draft bill on Thursday which condemns Hamas rocket fire at Israel which the resistance maintain is its legitimate right to self-defence in the face of Israel’s enduring occupation of Palestine.
On Friday the UNGA voted in favour of six resolutions regarding the Palestine-Israel conflict including one which said it found no links between Judaism and the Al-Asqa Mosque compound and another which stressed that the Golan Heights is Syrian territory which is under Israeli occupation.
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