Publish date5 Dec 2018 - 9:50
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Tehran not to adjust its defense plans based on enemies' hallucinations

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi has condemned the western countries’ moves against Iran’s defensive missile program, saying Iran does not plan its program based on hallucinations made by some countries.
Tehran not to adjust its defense plans based on enemies

In reaction to resent remarks and accusations raised against Iran's missile program by officials of some Western countries, as well as a recent call by Britain and France for a meeting of the UN Security Council on the program, Bahram Ghasemi said on Tuesday evening "there is no need to reiterate that Iran's missile program is completely of deterrence nature and part of the unstoppable defensive programs of the country.”

“We definitely do not regulate our defense program based on the groundless concerns expressed by some countries located far away from the region” Ghasemi stated, adding “we strongly believe that the concerns of those concerns are not based on rationale and logic but the result of Iranohobic policies and approaches that are on the agenda of particular countries and regimes in the world.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman went on to condemn those purposeful attempts and policies, saying that all who claim that the Iranian defensive program violates the UN Resolution 2231 are either unaware of the resolution or are seeking to raise tensions against Iran, both of which Iran condemns and considers them to be unconstructive and ineffective. 

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