Publish date5 Dec 2018 - 8:43
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Iraq’s Sadr gives PM one year to prove himself

Iraq’s influential cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr has given Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi one year to “prove himself” in running a successful government or face popular uprising, Anadolu Agency reported.
Iraq’s Sadr gives PM one year to prove himself
Sadr’s warning came in a letter addressed to Abdul Mahdi amid major differences between the country’s political blocs on candidates who will fill the portfolios of defence and interior.
“You are obliged not to comply with what is going on behind the scenes, but to be free to establish a state on the right basis, through technocrat ministers who are independent and have free decisions, especially the ministers of defence and interior and other security organs” Sadr said in his letter to Abdul Mahdi.
“If you succeed in establishing the right foundations, we will support you and your government, especially if you prove your success in providing the necessary services to the deprived people, protecting the borders and returning Iraq to its Arab, regional and international incubators,” he said.
Sadr urged Abdul Mahdi to take his decisions in isolation from external interventions to maintain Iraq’s sovereignty.
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