Publish date3 Dec 2018 - 9:43
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Zarif raps surrealism guiding US foreign policy

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif condemns the “surrealism” informing the US’ foreign policy after his American counterpart accuses Tehran of violating the very UN Security Council resolution that Washington is in breach of.
Zarif raps surrealism guiding US foreign policy

“‘Surrealism’ is now the US' modus operandi in its foreign affairs,” Zarif tweeted on Sunday.

Earlier, Mike Pompeo had accused Tehran of testing a missile “capable of carrying nuclear warheads” in violation of Security Council Resolution 2231.

The resolution -- which represents a nuclear agreement signed between Iran and other countries, including the US, in 2015 -- bans all activity relating to “nuclear-capable” weapons. Iran does not engage in any such activity, something that has been verified on many occasions by the UN nuclear watchdog.

Washington itself started breaching the resolution in May after it left the nuclear agreement. In the following months, it took further steps in breach of the resolution by restoring the sanctions that had been lifted under the agreement, and even threatened the countries potentially ignoring the bans with “secondary sanctions.”

“While itself violates UNSCR 2231…, it (the US) now falsely accuses Iran of violating the very same resolution,” Zarif wrote.

Referring to the US’ warning against the countries that could break the bans targeting Iran, he reminded that Washington now “even threatens to punish those who don't wish to violate it in abiding with illegal US sanctions.”

The top Iranian diplomat incorporated #Hypocrisy at the bottom of his tweet.

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