Saudi papers: Turkey allowed Khashoggi to die so it could ‘control Islamic world’

21 Nov 2018 - 17:33

Saudi newspapers launched a campaign warning of Turkish plans to remove Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman following the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the New Khaleej reported yesterday.

Journalist Mohammad Ateef wrote in the Sabq newspaper that Saudi Arabia is being subject to a “fierce attack that cannot be stopped.”
Meanwhile, he accused Turkey of promoting “empty illusions” while it “ignores” the demands of the Saudi Public Prosecution who asked for the “alleged” recordings or any others proofs about Khashoggi’s killing.
He claimed that Ankara is “using Khashoggi’s killing politically” in an “attempt to control the Islamic world and undermine the active Saudi role in fighting the political Islamic movements.”
In addition, he claimed that Turkey is trying to “gain economic benefits by blackmailing Riyadh”, stating that Ankara “has violated diplomatic conventions by spying on the Saudi consulate”.
At the same time, the Saudi journalist Hammoud abu-Taleb wrote an article in Okaz newspaper entitled “Why keep silent regarding the greater criminal?” He accused the Turkish authorities of allowing Khashoggi to be killed.
He added: “The Turkish intelligence monitored the hit-team since it arrived in Istanbul, listened to their conversations and plans to assassinate Khashoggi, but they did not stop committing the crime.”
Khalid Sulieman wrote in the same newspaper: “If [Turkey] knew about the plan before the killing took place, why it did not warn Khashoggi?”
Sulieman stressed that Khashoggi was not a victim of “unhuman and irresponsible killers, but a victim of unethical Turkish intelligence exploitation.”

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