Publish date19 Nov 2018 - 10:51
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Iranian Kurdistan MP stresses:

Halabja bombing, proof for US claims of human rights

Iranian Member of Parliament from Kurdistan Province attended the fourth conference on American human rights held in Sanandaj saying chemical attack on civilians in Halabja and Sardasht are proofs for the US human rights claims.
Halabja bombing, proof for US claims of human rights
Mamusta Saeq Rostami, Member of Parliament and representative of the Sunni community in Iran’s Kurdistan Province, in his remarks in the fourth conference on American human rights in view of the Supreme Leader called the United States as the major claimant also biggest violator of human rights, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He referred to chemical attack on Sardasht, Halabja and Marivan during the Iran-Iraq war as the American translation of human rights calling world Muslims stand up as supporters of human rights in a joint movement against enemies in pursuit of looting Islamic countries in the Middle East.
Representative of the Kurdistan Province in the Assembly of Experts said,” We (Muslims) have the holy book which is the leading book for fraternity, blessing and friendship and our prophet was the messenger of peace and friendship and a leading figure to stand against segregation and prejudice.”
The Sunni scholar called Islamic nation as the best supporter of human rights dismissing the claimants in constant pursuit of bloodshed and murder.
According to the Iranian MP the US is struggling to divide Muslims by masterminding terrorist groups like Daesh and Salafi groups.
Mamusta Rostami made the remarks in the fourth Professional American Human Rights meeting in the Perspective of Supreme Leader of Islamic revolution of Iran held in the city of Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province.
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