Publish date6 Nov 2018 - 9:15
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Iran to look inside to ward off impacts of sanctions

Iranian officials say the country has the required means to ward off the impacts of US sanctions, stressing that a major share of those means could specifically be helpful once the Islamic Republic looks internally.
Iran to look inside to ward off impacts of sanctions

Iran’s Economy Minister Farhad Dejpasand emphasized to the same effect that Iran had already devised a serious plan to pass through what he described as a crucial juncture that the sanctions, as he said, had created. 

Dejpasand – who was speaking during a meeting between officials from the Economy Ministry with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani - said the details of the plan could not be specified, but stressed that using domestic resources was a primary objective. 

He said privatizing state assets, for example, could free a significant portion of capital to be exploited by the public for new development plans.

The Iranian minister further emphasized that other plans on agenda included but were not limited to ways to promote good governance, mechanisms for improving Iran’s business environment , incentives to encourage investments and plans to address unemployment. 

Rouhani, for his part, emphasized that Iran had the capacity to break the regime of sanctions imposed by the administration of US President Donald Trump.

He said Washington’s re-imposition of the sanctions against Iran were in fact the declaration of an economic war on the Islamic Republic, emphasizing that the Iranians were not on the losing side.    
Rouhani’s remarks came hours before Trump’s administration announced the re-imposition of sanctions against Iran that had been lifted after signing a landmark nuclear deal between the country and the permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany in 2015.

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