Publish date5 Nov 2018 - 11:30
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Iranian Sunni cleric stresses:

Violent groups contradict Islamic benevolence

Senior Iranian prayer leader slammed the violence in some Islamic states stressing that the violence by some groups is in contradiction with the affectionate spirit of Islam.
Violent groups contradict Islamic benevolence
Molana Tavakoli, prayer leader of the Sunni community in Taibad, stressed the benevolence and affection as important principles in Islam stressing slamming those who commit violence under the name of Islam, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
“Those who commit violence have no accurate concept of Islam” said the Iranian Sunni cleric in his Friday sermon in Taibad County in Khorasan Razavi Province highlighting the affectionate view of Islam.
He expressed regret over massacre of Muslims in some countries noting that the violence in some ‘merciless’ people is their distance from the benevolent aspect in themselves.
“Had there been benevolence in some so-called human beings, 15’000 kids in Yemen and hundreds of thousands of civilians in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan should not have been killed” said Molavi Tavakoli and added,” He who claims to be clergy or religious leader and sheds the blood of Muslims in Afghanistan on a daily basis are seemingly human beings but beasts in their nature.”
Iranian cleric referred to the suicide attack on polling station in Afghanistan and demanded,” For what reason should a person who attends a polling station to decide his future be killed?”
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