Publish date7 Oct 2018 - 15:25
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“World Muslims” published

Prominent Egyptian center for countering extremism has released new book on issues of Muslim refugees, Islamophobia and also extent of religious freedom for Muslims across the globe.
“World Muslims” published
“World Muslims” is the title for the latest book by Al-Azhar University published by the center for confrontation with extremism detailing the most important issues of Muslims including Muslim refugees, Islamophobia and religious freedom, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
The book is in three chapters the first one on issue of Muslims immigration and asylum seeking in 2017 as international organization estimated the number of refugees to 65.3 million, the highest number since WWII with children comprising the majority of refugees.
This chapter pictures the situation of refugees in European and South American countries  and the issues of displaced Afghan and Rohingya Muslims before a concluding part on Al-Azhar stance on the predicament demanding the international community to take an active stance against armed conflicts as the major cause behind displacement of people.
The second chapter relates to the repercussions of Islamophobia as an old challenge regarding the concerns of western and non-Muslim society against Islam and Muslims.
This chapter details the cases of violence related to Islamophobia across UK, Germany, Spain and France in 2017 in an effort to propose effective measures to reduce the level of Islamophobia.
Freedom of Muslims to practice their religion is different countries is the subject for the third chapter as a concluding part at the end of each chapter provides practical recommendations to face each challenge.
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