Publish date4 Oct 2018 - 14:09
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“I found Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in Imam Hussein (AS)”, Christian author

Christian author has hailed the high character of third Shia Imam saying Imam Hussein (AS) was a perfect manifestation of his ancestor Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
“I found Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in Imam Hussein (AS)”, Christian author
Antoine Bara, Lebanese Christian author has praised the different aspects in the character of third Shia Imam saying he had found the image and role model of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the character of Imam Hussein (AS), reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said,” One can find the model, morality and perfect features of all prophets in the third Shia Imam because the Battle of Karbala and Ashura were manifest of morals, uprisings and thoughts.”
The Christian researcher named the revolutionary aspect of Imam Hussein (AS) as the feature most valuable among all characteristics of the third Shia Imam and said this revolutionary morale can bring miracles.
He counted modesty as the other feature in Imam Hussein (AS) which attracted him, a characteristic that has perfectly mingled by honor, liberty and pride.
Prominent Lebanese Christian author, Antoine Bara, was introduced to the lifestyle of the third Shia character through a book borrowed from a friend, promoted his knowledge on different aspects of Imam Hussein (AS) to the point that he wrote several books on the lifestyle and martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and his household.
His major book on the third Shia Imam, “Imam Hussein (AS) in Christian Ideology”, has been translated into 35 languages based on which over 15 dissertations have been written.
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