Publish date29 Sep 2018 - 14:51
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‘Deviate Takfiri thoughts threat world academic centers’, Ayat. A’arafi

Top Iranian cleric has warned of deviate and Takfiri thoughts targeting humanities and academic centers across the globe.
‘Deviate Takfiri thoughts threat world academic centers’, Ayat. A’arafi
Ayatollah Alireza A’arafi, director of Al Mustafa international university has attended the opening ceremony for the new educational year at the religious academy calling for special attention to humanities, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He demanded seminaries to expand and study deeper into fathoms of the Islamic sciences.
Manager of seminaries across Iran noted the current demand for further activities on Shia fiq’h announcing steps taken by Al Mustafa international university in line with convening new discussions on fiq’h.
“Seminaries do not approve shallow views on humanities and social sciences” said Ayatollah A’arafi and warned of deviate Takfiri thoughts targeting scientific centers across the world.
According to the cleric a key necessity of present world is to adjust the Islamic sciences with demands of the people as it is top on the agenda maintained by Al Mustafa University.
Al-Mustafa International University is prominent Iranian religious center admitting scholars from across the globe to train jurists and researchers of Islamic sciences and expand Qur’anic views and Islamic theories.
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