Publish date24 Sep 2018 - 13:29
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Iranian seminary teachers denounce Ahvaz terrorist attack

Representative of religious seminaries in the Iranian holy city of Qom have issued a message on Sunday expressing condolences over the recent terrorist attack in southern city of Ahvaz which has led to killing of 25 people during military parade.
Iranian seminary teachers denounce Ahvaz terrorist attack
Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom has issued a statement following the Saturday morning terrorist attack targeting participants of military parade in Iran’s Khouzestan Province held on the Week of Holy Defense, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
This is while Saudi-backed al-Ahwaziyah terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack which has left 25 people, armed forces and civilians, dead.
The message has called the attack a blind move proving desperateness of arrogant powers against Iranian people and government.
“This bloodshed which was planned by the US-Saudi-Zionist axis and carried out by their pawns during the ceremony marking Holy Defense Week proves the fathom of desperateness and hostility of the arrogant powers against our nation and government” part of the message reads.
Ill-advised arrogant leaders and their regional agents should note that Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation have proved their determination during the past four decades and will never submit against such crimes.
Monday has been announced public mourning in the southern Iranian Province of Khouzestan as people bade farewell with 25 victims of recent terrorist attack.
25 people including armed forces and civilians among them a child and a war veteran, were killed in the attack. Three of the assailants were also killed with the fourth one sustaining to his injuries during a security chase.

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