Publish date12 Sep 2018 - 11:38
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‘Imam Hussein (AS) fought for humanity’, Christian leader

Top Iraqi Christian commander has issued a statement expressing condolences over mourning month of Muharram hailing third Shia Imam as a figure who fought for all mankind.
‘Imam Hussein (AS) fought for humanity’, Christian leader
Riaan al-Kaldani, Christian commander of Hashd Al-Shaabi, has issued a message ahead of Ashura mourning ceremonies praising the third Shia Imam as a leader who rose for the whole humanity and not a single religion, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Part of the statement by Christian figure reads,” Principles for which Imam Hussein (AS) was martyred are the very principles for humane and national honor of all people”  rose against corruption of the rulers of his time.”
He lauded the household of Imam Hussein (AS) for enlightening the path for the whole humanity and not merely a religion.
Riaan al-Kaldani expressed hope for revival of the uprising by Imam Hussein (AS) in lives of contemporary people and that Iraqi people unite for the sake of their homeland and their future.
Ashura is the tenth day in the mourning month of Muharram which marks martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), third Shia Imam and grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who rose against tyrants of his time Yazid ibn-Muawiya.
Imam Hussein (AS) and 72 of his companions and household members were martyred in the Battle of Karbala back in 680 AD. Millions of Shia across the globe attend the massive mourning ceremonies for the third Shia Imam joined by Sunni Muslims and Christians who express their respects for Imam Hussein (AS).
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