Publish date12 Sep 2018 - 10:33
Story Code : 358171

'Shared principles among Islamic sects outweigh thier differences'

"Shared principles and teaching among Islamic sects outweigh their minor differences," underlined director of Mahdism Center.

"Shia and Sunni thinker should come to this fact that they have some common enemies," pointed out Hojjatol Islam Mojtaba Kalbasi, director of Mahdism Center in the Iranian holy city of Qom noting the foes seek ways to disintegrate Muslim nations, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
"shared principles and teaching among Islamic sects and denominations are much more their differences," underlined the religious cleric urging Muslims to focus their attention on their commonalities.
"Muslims are expected work in tandem and get united against those aiming at their dignity," underscored Hojjatol Islam Kalbasi.
"The enemies spare no effort to fulfill their set willful objectives," streessed the religious cleirc noting they use any trick and inhumane way to plunder Muslim nations.
To Iranian religious cleric, for ensuing security and uniting Islamic Ummah, it is incumbent upon every single Muslim to play his or her part and unmask the face enemies hatching constanty shcmes against Muslims.

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