Publish date12 Sep 2018 - 9:12
Story Code : 358121

'Pakistan ready to team up with member states of ECO'

"Pakistan seeks to promote its ties with the member states of Economic Cooperation Organization," pointed out Pakistani Envoy to Iran.

Addressing reporters at the sideline of a meeting attended by the members of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), Pakistani Envoy, Riffat Masood, to Iran stressed, "Paksitan seeks to advance its projects by through cooperating with the member states of Economic Cooperation Organization," reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

"Strengthening ties among three members of ECO, i.e. Iran, Pakistan and Turkey is of vital  importance," the political face underlined. "to do so, we are seeking ways to extend our relations with other ECO-countries."

“Among other things, Pakistan will cooperate with other ECO members in projects.”
"Pakistan is planning to work in tandem with ECO members in forwarding various projects: transport, commercial, tourism, trade, and energy to name a few," she underlined.

Riffat Masood voiced her sincere hope that the standing tie among the member states would be promoted.

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