Publish date25 Aug 2018 - 13:17
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Google terminates some accounts allegedly tied to Iran, Russia

After Twitter and Facebook, Google says it has terminated some accounts allegedly tied to Iran and Russia in order to fight "misinformation."
Google terminates some accounts allegedly tied to Iran, Russia

The company said it had blocked 39 YouTube channels as well as disabling 13 accounts at its Google+ social network and six accounts at Blogger.
"We identified and terminated a number of accounts linked to the IRIB organization that had disguised their connection to this effort," Google
Vice President Kent Walker said in a statement on Thursday. He was referring to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Google, Kent Walker

"Actors engaged in this type of influence operation violate our policies, and we swiftly remove such content from our services and terminate these actors' accounts," he added.

"In addition to the intelligence we received from FireEye, our teams have investigated a broader range of suspicious actors linked to Iran who have engaged in this effort," the company said, referring to an alleged cybersecurity firm, on whose tip it had started the crackdown.

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