Publish date11 Aug 2018 - 14:22
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“Modern Islamic Movements” published

Latest book by Iranian author analyzes the history of relation between modern Islamic movements with Iran and Islamic Revolution, proximity of Islamic denominations, new strategy of the Islamic Republic on Islamic movements among many other discussions related to new Islamic movements across the globe.
“Modern Islamic Movements” published
Iranian author and researcher Seyyed Hadi Khosrowshahi has published his latest book, “Modern Islamic Movements; Government Strategy and Shia, Sunni Issue” including articles on different Islamic movements in the present era which have been provided to foreign policy authorities as a proposal for policy making guideline, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
The first chapter in this book takes a look at the history of relations between different Islamic movements with Iran and the Islamic Revolution, background of relations between Iran, modern Islamic movements and Muslim Brotherhood.
The second chapter in the book discusses strategies of Islamic Republic of Iran on Islamic movements and Muslim Brotherhood, fading relations between the Egyptian movement and Iran following the Islamic Revolution, second Persian Gulf War and its effects on ties between Iran and Muslim Brotherhood.
The third chapter however includes proposals for more cooperation with modern Islamic movements while the fourth chapter is on a dialogue between the author, Seyyed Hadi Khosrowshahi, and Muslim Brotherhood leader Shiekh Omar al-Tilmisani, leading an interesting discussion on different issues from Muslim Brotherhood view on Islamic Revolution with the following chapter on viewpoints of the Egyptian figure on issues related to Iran.
The last chapter “Muslim Brotherhood and Shia” is in fact translation of an article by Youssef Nada (international section of Muslim Brotherhood) firstly published on Islam Online website discussing Islamic unity, proximity of different Islamic denominations, defending the truth and enlightening on Muslim Brotherhood stance regarding Shia.
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