Publish date23 Jul 2018 - 11:27
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Latest book by Iran’s Islamic unity center:

“The Story of Taqrib, One Nation, One Culture“ revealed

World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought has published book on solidarity between Muslims as sectarian clashes have turned to a basis for much contemporary clashes among in some Muslim countries.
“The Story of Taqrib, One Nation, One Culture“ revealed
“The Story of Taqrib, One Nation, One Culture” (Islamic proximity) is the latest book by Hadi Khosrowshahi details the views of Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Ghomi (founder of Egypt’s Dar-ul-Taqrib) on Islamic unity in line with promoting the strategic plan, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
Each article in this book counts for a principle in line with boosting Islamic proximity and transcending various unifying agents between Muslims.
The book opens with prelude by Hadi Khosrowshahi on proximity and its founder, six sections in body and interesting appendix.
Definition, function, importance as well as history of proximity, biography of Ayatollah Ghomi, al-Azhar prominent figures and also proximity movement are among the most important subjects discussed in the book.
The first section of the book comprises articles by Ayatollah Ghomi in “Resalat al-Islam” magazine while the second section relates on problems of the modernists for Islamic heritage. The next sections in this new book detail proximity plans as a logical discourse and also introductions of Allameh Ghomi on three major Shia analytical books.
An open by Sheikh Mohammad Motavali al-Sha’ravi (al-Azhar minister of endowments) and another letter addressing the world of Islam make the fifth sections while five interviews with Allameh Ghomi comprise the sixth and last section of the book “The Story of Proximity.”
Author has closed the book with valuable historical attachments in five sections: historical documents, letters, photos of meetings and also pictures.
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