Publish date22 Jul 2018 - 14:37
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Tehran to host second Int’l Biopharma Festival

Second official pharmacy festival in Iran is scheduled to be held in December in collaboration of two major academic centers.
Tehran to host second Int’l Biopharma Festival
Iran University of Medical Sciences and Biotechnology Development Council of Iran`s Presidency  will jointly hold the second International Festival Biopharma (IFB2018) on December 21-24, 2018 in the Tehran International Exhibition Center.

Three new models of medicine will be revealed at the event.

With the introduction of the latest research achievements, knowledge-based companies and the best ideas of pharmaceutical companies, biomedicine festival is the largest gathering of pharmacists in Iran and given the welcoming to the first round, the presence of about 3000 pharmacists and 1,000 exploratory ideas during the second round can be predicted.

Dr. Seyyed Mahdi Rezayat as the head of the second round of IFB, Dr. Esmaeel Sadreddini as the scientific secretary and Dr. Majid Mesgar Tehrani as the executive secretary of the event will manage the festival.

“On the sidelines of the four-day festival, 20 workshops will be held in the field of pharmacy and 15 online pharmacy workshops will also take place,” the executive secretary of the event said.
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