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“Ambassador’s Memoirs” published

Part of the book reads," And I turned into “Iran”! I had to stand responsive for all deficiencies and perfections of my country. As if I was in charge for all whatever had happened. There was no way out however I was not much dissatisfied with the new situation. Unintentionally I turned to a mediator to transfer a part of facts about being an Iranian and it was an opportunity to fulfill my mission. The decision was made. I was the ambassador of Iran, a protector for interests of my country and my fellow countrymen."
“Ambassador’s Memoirs” published
Young Iranian woman compiles her memoirs from her university days in France to look at his presence as a Muslim woman in a European ambiance.

“Ambassador’s Memoirs” by Niloofar Shadmehri is the bestselling book by Soureh Mehr Publication in Tehran’s 31st International Book Fair, to tell the challenges a student in Islamic hijab faced in France, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
The book contains memoirs of an Iranian top student receiving PhD scholarship from Arts et Métiers ParisTech, accrediting a special position among the best sellers in Tehran international Book Fair.
Niloofar Shadmehri in her book collects nearly 30 instances of her residence in Paris starting with the first day of her presence and the stressful moments she had before introduction to a class which was not necessarily going to admit her as a Muslim woman in hijab.
She tells the story of ways she struggled to bridge to a non-Muslim community and build a relation with the new world in a way that respect for her religious duties and traditions of a non-Muslim country are maintained.
“Receding Securities” is the name of a section where the author explains how some Muslim students tailored their Islamic duties to the demands of French society.
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