Publish date26 May 2018 - 14:06
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'Turkey ranks 4th among Tajikistan's trade partners'

Turkey ranks fourth among Tajikistan’s foreign trade partners, the country's ambassador to Turkey Mahmadali Davlatsho Rajabiyon said on Thursday.
Rajabiyon spoke during an iftar (fast-breaking) meal with Turkish press members attended by Faruk Tokat, Anadolu Agency's international news editor-in-chief and Mehmet Ozturk, Anadolu Agency’s foreign language services editor-in-chief.
"Even though we have no borders with Turkey, it is in fourth place among our foreign trade partners after China, Russia and Kazakhstan," Rajabiyon said.
Tajikistan has been exporting cotton and aluminium to Turkey and importing ready-made garments from Turkey, he added.
"Our bilateral relations will be reinforced more and more by recent deals. Turkey has also a significant place in the construction sector," he said.
Emphasizing the importance of the media on the improvement of the relations between the two countries, Rajabiyon said, "You are like a bridge between Tajikistan and Turkey."
"The press members play a key role in the relations between the countries. In my opinion, media is the fourth force and has the power to influence politics," he added.
Pointing to Tajikistan's role in regional security in central Asia, Rajabiyon said: "Regional and global cooperation should be built by providing stability and comprehensive security."
"It is especially important to take common steps in combating terrorism, drug trafficking, arms trade, etc. Tajikistan has an important role in this area, and we need more cooperation to ensure the security of the region."
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