Publish date13 May 2018 - 13:25
Story Code : 330389

Europe’s Muslim population to exceed 44 mln by 2030

Europe’s Muslim population is expected to reach 44 million by the year 2030, making up almost a tenth of the continent’s population, according to recent forecasts.
Europe’s Muslim population to exceed 44 mln by 2030
According to a report prepared by the Universal Muslim Diaspora Project in cooperation with Ankara’s Social Sciences University, Muslims are set to make up eight percent of the EU’s total population by 2030.
The same report predicts that Muslims will also make up 2.1 percent, or close to five million, of the U.S. population by the same year.
Internationally, the report forecasts that more than one in five people globally will be Muslim in 2030.
Seventy-nine countries worldwide will have a population of one million Muslims by 2030, including Belgium, Canada and the Netherlands, according to the same report.
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