Publish date24 Apr 2018 - 14:12
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Aleppo coming back to life

Aleppo coming back to life
Aleppo used to be Syria’s economic capital. Militant-held neighborhoods-especially eastern parts- in the city have collapsed into flattened debris.

The reconstruction is speeding up. Syrian government has reportedly announced last year that 60 billion Liras ($138 million) allocated for reconstruction of Aleppo.

The fund will be spent for rebuilding schools, medical centers, water and electricity facilities damaged during the war and also for agriculture and other infrastructures.

The war has left its debris in several civilian centers including hospitals, schools and vital medical centers in Aleppo.

People are vigorously struggling to help with the reconstruction of the city with the any equipment possible.

Militants have entered the city in 2012 eying the city as the foundation of their vision for Syria before they were pushed out of the region in 2016.
Fragmented and exhausted the militants left a mainly-ruined Aleppo for the remaining residents.

A new life is injected into markets as the city is creeping towards full reconstruction as over 200’000 people have returned to eastern Aleppo according to a UN report.

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