Publish date17 Apr 2018 - 15:02
Story Code : 325111

Settlers place Israel flag over Ibrahimi Mosque

Israeli settlers yesterday placed Israeli flags along the western wall of the Ibrahimi Mosque in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, Quds Press reported.
Settlers place Israel flag over Ibrahimi Mosque
Under a heavy armed police presence the settlers placed the flags on top of the Muslim holy site to “celebrate the Palestinian Nakba or what they say is Israel’s independence”, the Director of Islamic Endowments in Hebron, Ismail Abu Halawa, said.
“This is considered part of the Israeli efforts to judaise the Ibrahimi Mosque,” he added.
The Palestinian official stressed that “all the Israeli violations against the holy site are being carried out under the power of guns, including partitioning it in the wake of the 1994 massacre.”
Israel and settlers violate Islamic holy sites on a daily basis, he added.
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